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QC Kinetix (Coral Gables)

Do you suffer from pain? Have you been told surgery is your only option? There's a better alternative...

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QC Kinetix (Coral Gables) specializes in non-surgical regenerative medicine treatments for pain relief. These therapies are great alternatives to surgery, so you can get back to your life activities as soon as possible. They can even help you avoid surgery altogether! If you need knee replacement alternatives, knee pain treatment, hip pain treatment, hip replacement alternatives, Miami shoulder pain treatment, or relief from elbow pain, wrist pain, arthritis pain, or treatment for sports injuries, QC Kinetix (Coral Gables) is here to help. They can develop custom therapy plans that treat your discomfort and get you feeling better fast. Most of our patients notice their results just a couple of weeks after their firsts session. If you want to go back to your normal life activities as quickly as possible without a long recovery period, QC Kinetix (Coral Gables) is here for you. We can help. Our team develops custom therapy plans that rid your discomfort without extended recovery periods, permitting you to return to work faster than most surgical procedures.

Business Address: 3850 Bird Rd Suite 701, Miami, FL 33146