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Gerben Perrott PLLC

We Are Trademark Attorneys Committed to Doing Trademark Registration the Right Way

Since 2008 Gerben Perrott PLLC has worked with a wide range of businesses, legal practices and individuals. Gerben IP specializes in IP Law, responsible for registering over 6,000 trademarks with the USPTO. Gerben IP also assists clients with Patents and Copyrights.

Gerben IP has multiple physical offices throughout the U.S., including the Miami, Florida (Coral Gables) area.

Josh Gerben has been featured in a wide range of nationally recognized publications, including Fox News, The Washington Post, ESPN, Wall Street Journal and ABA Journal.

Gerben IP offers a Trademark Library with up-to-date database filings pulled from the USPTO on a wide range of Names, Teams, Figures, Schools, Brands and more as well as a blog, that answers in depth IP related questions commonly asked.