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Kendyl Morris Coaching

Hypnotherapy & Wellness Coaching

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Hello! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself properly. I’m Kendyl. I struggled with chronic depression, anxiety, and IBS for over a decade before finding tools that helped me get to the root cause. I tried therapy, medication, all kinds of doctors, and I still struggled to get through the day.

It wasn’t just one thing that brought back my vitality– it was addressing the WHOLE person through Integrative Medicine that finally got me on track. This included hypnotherapy, functional medicine lab testing (like food sensitivities and comprehensive hormone panels) and support, individualized nutrition, and a coach to help me along the way.

I now teach the tools that helped me and I feel confident that you too can find relief by getting to the root cause of your symptoms. The mainstream medicine model doesn’t support this approach, because they’re beholden to the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. They have to come up with one-size-fits-all solutions, but unfortunately this doesn’t usually address the root cause and only helps a small population. How many different medications have you tried? Is there a voice inside telling you that there must be some other solution?

Here you will find different routes to the same goal: release and heal the barriers in your body, mind and spirit that are keeping you from shining brightly and living a vibrant, purpose-driven and soul expanding life.

I specialize in clinical hypnotherapy, wellness & nutrition coaching, leading retreats, and group work. You can do hypnotherapy and coaching in-person or online. 

We only have so much time in this life – you deserve to live it to its fullest.


Q How does hypnotherapy work?

Typically when therapists work with their patients using traditional methods, they spend much of their time simply trying to get past mental blockages to understand the subconscious reasons for their patients’ issues. However, hypnotherapy uses the hypnotic trance as a method for accessing the subconscious. In doing this, it allows the therapist to gather a better understanding of the core reasons that someone’s issues may be manifesting. So, unlike traditional talk therapy, which requires hours to figure out what the subconscious is doing, hypnotherapy creates a tunnel directly into the subconscious so that lasting healing can occur more efficiently.

Q How can this be done online?

As long as there's a solid wifi or cellular connection this can be done just as well online as in person. Using Zoom or FaceTime video chat the client and therapist will be able to communicate effectively.

Q Will I lose control during hypnotherapy?

No, because hypnosis is simply a state of deep, relaxed focus. A hypnotized person always has control and can always hear what’s going on.

Q Why does hypnotherapy work so well?

The subconscious mind is where we store everything that has ever happened in our lives. Therefore, it is much more efficient to do therapy while in the subconscious state, using hypnotherapy to access these moments in our lives that have impacted us. This results in greater awareness around one’s issues. With this awareness comes the ability to recognize the cause of behaviors that one desires to change.

Q How is hypnotherapy different from traditional methods?

The core difference between hypnotherapy and other methods is depth and speed. Using hypnotherapy techniques like relaxation, guided imagery, and the trance state, therapists are able to access the subconscious more quickly than traditional methods. Traditional methods may take weeks, months, or years to uncover the subconscious reasons behind issues that are manifesting in clients. With hypnotherapy, these reasons can be found in as little as one session.

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