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Florida Atlantic University


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Florida Atlantic University seeks to educate, inform, and provide updated information on FAU news and activities through its social media site. This site is not a public forum. Social media users may only respond with comments that are responsive to the FAU post. FAU reserves the right to remove any comments that are not responsive to the FAU post and therefore do not fall within the purpose of the social media site. FAU also reserves the right to remove comments that constitute threats, harassment, defamation, obscenity, or unauthorized commercial speech, as defined by applicable state or federal law. All comments made by social media users reflect the opinions of the users and not necessarily those of Florida Atlantic University.
By posting a comment on this social media site, users agree to follow the terms of use of the site, applicable state and federal laws, any applicable collective bargaining agreements, and FAU regulations and policies, including but not limited to FAU’s Acceptable Use of Technology Resources policy (12.2). FAU reserves the right to remove from the site any comments that violate these requirements.