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Valente Brothers Pembroke Pines


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The Valente brothers were born into a family of jujutsu practitioners and were raised from childhood to educate others on its amazing benefits. From a young age their father Dr. Pedro Valente Sr., who was a 9th Dan jujutsu Master under Grandmaster Helio Gracie, managed to transmit the jujutsu lifestyle to the brothers. This philosophy was ingrained in them from childhood and positively affected every area of their life.  The Rational Nutritional Regimen promoted by Grandmaster Carlos Gracie was strictly followed in the Valente household. Their father encouraged them not only to develop their physical jujutsu skills, but also their intellectuality by attending the best schools and universities throughout their lives. The Valente Brothers hold undergraduate and graduate degrees from prominent American Universities. The combination of their extensive academic experience with the countless hours they shared with GM Helio Gracie both on and off the mat put them in a unique position to organize and spearhead one of the most structured, articulate, coherent, and effective jiu-jitsu programs in existence. The Valente Brothers are extremely honored that many of the most successful martial arts schools in the world are utilizing many of the methods that they pioneered.

Valente Brothers is proud to abide strictly by Grandmaster Helio Gracie’s training philosophy, and to focus 100% of our attention on teaching a combat system. As per Grand Master Helio’s recommendation, Valente Brothers does not participate in any point competitions. According to Grandmaster Hélio, sparring and technical practice should always emphasize street like conditions, including strikes, hard flooring and multiple opponents. Moreover, we want our school to be a center that promotes personal development and self-confidence rather than a breeding ground for athletes who want to compete in regulated tournaments. Tournaments were first established to serve as a means to better self-defense skills. Unfortunately the means became more important than the end, and the techniques of jujutsu were modified to fit tournament rules rather than the realities of hand to hand combat. It is important to note that Valente Brothers is not against sportive competitions of any kind.

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